"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
Philippians 4:13

"Farming is our passion, sharing is our mission!"
Upcoming Farmers MarketsUpdated October 15, 2014                                                                                            

Fountain Valley (Thursdays) Now has Grilled Chicken & Grilled Lamb Sandwiches!
Day Time  Location  Farmers Market Links
 Tuesday 3pm - 8pm
Bixby Park Farmer's Market, Long Beach Bixby Park Details Map 
 Tuesday 11am - 5pm Manhattan Beach Farmer's Market, Metlox Plaza   Manhattan Beach Details Map
9am - 1pm
Tustin Farmers Market, Tustin
Alta Dena Farmers Market Alta Dena
Tustin Details 
AltaDena Details
 Wednesday 3pm - 7pm  Marine Stadium Farmer's Market, Long Beach   Marine Stadium Details
 Thursday 5pm - 8pm Mile Square Farmer's Market, Fountain Valley 
 Mile Square Details Map
 Friday 9am - 1pm  Laguna Hills Farmers Market, Laguna Hills Laguna Hills Mall  Map
 Saturday 9am - 1pm Dana Point Farmer's Market, La Plaza Park  Dana Point Details Map
8am - 12pm
Irvine Farmers Market, Irvine
City of Orange Farmers Market, Orange
Irvine Farmers Market 
 Sunday 10am - 2pm Great Park Farmer's Market, Irvine  Great Park Details Map


Thank you for logging onto our website at KEPNER FARMS! We are a small family farm located within the Cleaveland National Forest off state HWY 74 here in the western part of Riverside County, California at 2000 ft ( 4 miles over the orange county line). We have roughly 20 acres of usable
 land for our working ranch. Here at KEPNER FARMS we specialize in the practice of " permaculture farming ". This type of farming has been around for centuries yet has been but forgotten in modern times. Your asking yourself what is permaculture farming, its the " circle of life ". think of the Lion King movie and the term " circle of life "; the grubs and bugs occur naturally in soils and around the trees etc., the chickens the eat the grubs and bugs and follow the sheep and peck at the poop to get microorganisms. we also observe the chicken hopping onto the sheep to peck at their wool to enjoy parasites on their wool. Then the sheep eat the non GMO grains that we seeded the pasture with and poop and thus is the circle of life and again to repeat;

                                                 GRUBS-WORMS-CHICKENS-SHEEP POOP-GRAINS-SHEEP
                                                                    CIRCLE OF LIFE  =  PERMACULTURE

I guess I should introduce myself; Hi my name is Carl Kepner and I am the owner of KEPNER FARMS and this is a short bio of myself so that you can get to know me better. I grew up here in southern Ca. on 100 acres and enjoyed doing all the great stuff that kids do hiking, mountain biking, snow skiing and ranching. At 12 I was cleaning out chicken barns who would think that I would be doing the same thing years later. I have owned numerous business through out the years starting out at 8 years old mowing lawns, yes I had a 5 houses; then went to selling misltoe during the Christmas Holidays at 12. Taught Marine Biology at the Marine Institute in Dana Point CA. Finally got my degree after 10 years but did get it! Was Mr. Mom for 5 years ( two amazing daughters ) owned 2 restaraunts Schleppy's on the pier and Schleppy's Oceanfront Cafe'
both in San Clemente. Sold those and started ranching in 2010. Wow full circle. Won't get into the sticky details of the politics or neighbors concerning starting a working ranch from scratch but it was well a big fat HEADACHE. And thank GOD for a supportive wife with no income coming in!!!!!!  But the proof is in the pudding of how faithful GOD is when you pray without ceasing. Here I am now a full fledge rancher with over 120 sheep plus a great flock of hens, ducks and meat birds. Farming is my passion and will be enjoying doing this as I enter the twilight of life 

If at any time you wish to acquire more information about our farm feel free to check out the other pages or comment on our GUEST BOOK PAGE. We are the real deal and look forward to you learning more about KEPNER FARMS and how we can serve you and your local community!